State Forest
Property Regulations

Quiet hours in the campgrounds are from 11pm to 7am. (10pm to 7am at Greene-Sullivan State Forest)
All pets must be kept on a leash or caged and must be attended at all times
Fireworks are prohibited on the property at all times
Shooting bows and firearms in campgrounds, picnic areas and office areas is strictly prohibited
Swimming is not allowed in any of the forest lakes (unless designated as a beach area)
Vehicle use is restricted to roadways. Four-wheel vehicles, off-road vehicles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, and snowmobiles are not allowed on service roads or recreational trails
Indiana State Board of Health regulations prohibit connecting hoses to water spigots
Forest personnel may prohibit fires if appropriate for the protection of the property
Washing automobiles and boats in camping areas is prohibited
It is illegal to dump domestic trash (trash brought into the property) in barrels or dumpsters in the campgrounds or elsewhere on the property
It is illegal to possess a loaded or uncased firearm in a designated safety zone

Rules and Etiquette For Horseback Riders:

One horse trailer per campsite
Overnight camping is not permitted in day use parking areas
The owners of unruly animals which cause a disturbance or safety hazard may be asked to remove such animals from the property without refund
Wagons and buggies are permitted on forest roads
Horses are not permitted in the family campground, picnic areas, or in the forest office/service area
Please be courteous to other horseback riders and hikers while using the forest trails
The owner of any animals brought onto a state forest shall be responsible for:
Providing proof of any vaccinations and animal health certificates as required by state law
Humane treatment of all animals
Procurement of and payment for any veterinary services
Payment of any expense involved in the removal of injured or dead animals

Horseman Camping Rules:

Horses must be tied to, or corralled around, hitching rails only; corrals and electric fences outside hitching rail area are prohibited. Horses may not be tied on picket lines or to trees.

Any horse driven, ridden, brought or transported onto Clark State Forest between April 1 and November 30 must have either a daily horse use tag or an annual horse use tag. Horse use tags are not required between December 1 and the last day of March. Horse use tags are available at the Clark State Forest office during regular hours of operation.

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