Morgan-Monroe Forestry Pictures

falls1.JPG (47107 bytes)
It rained enough that streams ran down the hills.
stream3.JPG (47539 bytes)
stream1.JPG (45191 bytes)
Most of the streams were raging.
stream2.JPG (44974 bytes)
Another nice view.

tree1.JPG (40002 bytes)
This tree was struck by lightning at the base.  It "peeled" the tree and shot splinters of wood everywhere.

javelin.JPG (45850 bytes)
Check out the "javelin" formed by the strike.

tree2.JPG (38255 bytes)
Same tree- different view.

tree3.JPG (38081 bytes)
The actual size of the tree is immense.

vine.JPG (43255 bytes)
This forest has many great vines.


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