Trip Report for Big Pine Creek in Indiana
Sunday, May 20, 2001

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. We met up with about five other friends to take advantage of the recent rains and try paddling Big Pine Creek from Rainsville to Twin Bridges. (We also happened to meet several other avid paddlers at the put-in who had come from Illinois.) While the river level had been higher the previous day, it turned out to be at 0 (according to the markings on the Rainsville bridge) for us on Sunday. Canoe zero is a good description. That IS about the lowest you would want to run the river and still have good flow. If the water were any lower you'd be walking through Rocky Ford instead of paddling.

Our entire paddling trip was serenaded by a symphony of birds, and we were greeted by many a jumping fish. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the wildlife we saw. We had lots of fun riffles, chutes and holes to play in, though. The scenery itself is also very refreshing. The banks aren't built up too much along the way and are mostly lined with trees. :) There are many nice cliffs and rock ledges, also - a bit like Sugar Creek when it goes through Turkey Run and Shades.

NOTE: There are three defunct handmade footbridges that span the river on this section. Boards and cables hang down from these bridge remains such that they could become dangerous strainers when the water is about a foot higher or so. (It's hard to estimate what level would make them dangerous, so just keep your eyes open. One is after the S curve.)

Here are some pictures from our trip:

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