Go Deep Adventures

Jeff Campbell
Guide and Outfitter

(812) 967-4620
(812) 572-3992

Services Offered:
Guided Outings - Includes customized trip based on YOUR preferences. Jeff has intimate knowledge of the trails and activitys, fishing, hunting, swimming, and mushroom hunting....Where and when! Smokey Mountain trips are also available Cost (per day):
Singles: $40
Additional people: $10 each
Water and Food Caching Service - Jeff will drop off your water or food at pre-arranged locations

Cost (per drop Site):
$15 (if you mail the food)
Sealed Gallon Jugs of water is what he puts out

Pick-up and Delivery Service - Jeff will meet you at your desired ending trailhead and then shuttle you back to your desired starting point Depends on the Trailheads Desired
Call for quote
Equipment Rental: Per Night: (multiple night discounts!)  
  Backpacks $10.00  
Tents $5.00  
Sleeping Bags $5.00  
Ground Pad $5.00  
Cook stove $5.00  
Package Deal all for $20.00  
$50 advanced cash deposit on equipment for all non-guided trips


Go Deep Adventures
Jeff Campbell
(812) 967-4620
(812) 572-3992


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