Closure on Knobstone Trail in Indiana

Spring 2012 storms caused many treefalls on the Knobstone Trail (KT). Cleaup closed a section for a while, but it reopened on October 11, 2013:

REOPENED: Mile 0 to Mile 11, south of State Road 160 - reopened on October 11, 2013
(This includes the Deam Lake and Jackson trailheads.)

Here the Knobstone Trail is part of the Clark State Forest, west of the Henryville trail system. Please adhere to the following:

  • The KT and Mountain Grove Loop Horse trail will remain closed until further notice. We have posted and will continue to post those trails and will ask law enforcement to enforce,
  • There is significant timber down and the DNR is implementing salvage plans to recover and utilize much of this timber,
  • A number of the trails will be used as access lanes for the timber recovery effort,
  • Jackson Road will remain closed during the salvage operation,
  • Trail sections will be reopened ONLY as conditions allow. Closure or restrictions are anticipated to be in effect until the end of the calendar year 2012. 
  • Given the danger in these areas, there will be no exceptions for ingress and egress by private citizens on closed sites,
  • The horse trails are open except the Mountain Grove Loop,
  • The DNR is identifying trails not impacted by the tornado for volunteer clean up support.
  • Rocky Brown is the contact at Deam Lake SRA at 812-246-5421or
  • Brad Steward is the contact at Clark State Forest at 812-294-4306 or

OPEN: Mile 11 +, north of State Road 160
(This includes the New Chapel trailhead and all trailheads north.)

Trail Condition: Fair

Recent storms have caused numerous trees to fall across the KT. The crew has completed removal of down trees from the Delaney Loop and Spurgeon Hollow Loop. They are working towards Elk Creek Fish and Wildlife Area.

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