Oxley Memorial Trailhead to Elk Creek Trailhead
on The Knobstone Trail

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Elk Creek Trailhead has a nice lake and a nice boat launch right next to it. There is plenty of room to park and it isn't that hard to find.


The Trailhead at Spurgeon Hollow is next to a big lake and a big parking lot. There is a picnic area right next to the parking lot. Below is a picture of the boat launch ramp that is right there by the trailhead.


Trail Description and Directions

Directions to Delaney Park Trailhead and Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead

The two trailheads are located east of S.R. 135 between Brownstown and Salem. To reach the trailheads from State Road 135, EITHER drive south from Brownstown (17.1 miles from the S.R. 50 intersection) OR north from Salem (3.8 miles form the S.R. 56 intersection) to Rooster Hill Road/Old S.R. 135. Turn east onto Rooster Hill Road/Old 135, veer right and follow the road 1.6 miles. Turn right onto Winslow Road, veer left. and follow the road 0.6 mile. EITHER turn left onto Delaney Park Road to reach the Delaney Park entrance (0.2 mile), OR turn right to reach the Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead (0.3 mile). Delaney Park, is operated by the Washington County Park Board and is connected to the Knobstone Trail. Delaney Park requires an admission fee for all park users and Knobstone Trail hikers. To proceed to the Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead, turn right (south) from the Winslow Road/Delaney Park Road intersection and continue for 1/2 mile to the trailhead entrance road (gravel) on the left (east)-watch for the "KT" post. Turn left (east) onto the entrance road to get to the trailhead.

Delaney Park Loop (approximately 6 miles; distance to Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead is approximately 2, 7, or 9 miles depending on the route chosen) The Delaney Park Trailhead is located inside Delaney Park, near the beachhouse. Delaney Park is located about 2 miles east of S.R. 135 and 9 miles northeast of Salem; by road it is about 1 mile north of the Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead. The trail heads east from the beachhouse 1/4 mile where another trail intersects. At this point, the hiker has a choice: the trail to the right (southeast) connects to the Spurgeon Hollow Loop (see description below); continuing straight is the Delaney Park Loop, a rugged 3 1/2-mile hike which connects to the Spurgeon Hollow Loop (following the Spurgeon Hollow Loop back to the Delaney Park Loop turn-off completes the Delaney Park Loop [approximately 6 miles]). Following the Delaney Park Loop around to where it meets the Spurgeon Hollow Loop, the hiker can turn right (west) and continue 2 miles to Delaney Park, or 3 miles to Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead. Turning left (east), the hiker can follow the south side of the loop around to the Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead (5 miles) or continue 2 1/2 miles to the turn-off to the Elk Creek Trailhead. It is approximately 9 miles to the Elk Creek Trailhead from the turn-off.

To drive from Delaney Park to the Spurgeon Hollow Trailhead, turn left (south) from the Delaney Park entrance road onto the road it intersects and follow for approximately 3/4 mile to the trailhead entrance road on the left (east)-watch for the "KT" post. Turn left (east) onto the entrance road (gravel) to get to the trailhead.


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