Hodges Canoe Trips
on the Lower Section of the Tippecanoe River
(765) 564-6806

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Hodges Canoe Trips has closed.
The business is for sale - call if interested in purchasing it.

April - October
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Departure times depend upon light conditions.

Oak Dale Dam access site

(765) 564-6806


Price per canoe includes canoe, cushions, paddles, transportation & taxes
(2 people per canoe - additional riders extra)

Long trip
(4-6 hrs.) - $42 per canoe

Short trip
(2-4 hrs.) - $30 per canoe

Group Discounts:
5 or more canoes - $1 off each
10 or more canoes - $2 off each
Additional Riders:
Children 1 to 6 years - Free
Children 7 to 12 years - $2.00 extra
Adults 13 years and up - $8.00 extra
Prices subject to change without notice


Price per kayak includes kayak, paddle, transportation & taxes

(1 person per kayak)
Long trip
(4-6 hrs.) - $36
Short trip (2-4 hrs.) - $26

Group Discounts:
5 or more kayaks - $1 off each
10 or more kayaks - $2 off each
Prices subject to change without notice

Hodges Landing

Arrive 30 minutes before departure. Length of trip depends on height of water, how fast you paddle, and length of daylight.

You are welcome to bring your own canoe or kayak. We will transport it for $15.

We have a changing room available for your convenience.


Calling ahead for reservations (and availability) is a good idea, especially on weekends. 5 or more canoes or kayaks requires a deposit of $10.00 per boat to hold your reservation. This amount is applied to your balance upon departure.

Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards now accepted.

Oak Dale Dam access site


If you cancel the same day of your trip, we keep your deposit. We will refund on very cold, rainy days only.


To have a safe and fun trip with Hodges Canoe, we ask that you use common sense. The stream is privately owned, so please respect the property. DON'T LITTER the land, the stream or the sand bars. Keep litter in your canoe.

No glass bottles allowed.

Please treat our canoes and equipment with respect. For a damaged canoe, we expect $50.00 for repair. For lost canoes or kayaks, you pay for the boat. Cushions and paddles cost $9.00 each.

Two people per canoe except when you have small children. Please check our extra rider prices.

For a peaceful, not overcrowded trip and one of the prettiest trips of your life, come with us down the beautiful Tippecanoe River. See deer, birds and other wildlife just like the Indians did 200 years ago.


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