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GEAR UP proudly carries high-quality, technical outdoor products from the following manufacturers (to name a few):

The technology must be totally reliable, and at the same time sufficiently simple and universal enough not to detract from the experience of the moment. When this alchemy works, climbers, mountaineers, cavers, canyoners can go in search of the Spirit, and we, the modest inventors of their tools are content to see them go and return with a new flame in their eyes.

Paul Petzl Président Directeur Général

At Mountain Hardwear, we make artfully designed, technically advanced, eminently functional gear for the outdoors. Over the six short years of our existence we've earned a reputation for innovation and creativity. Our tents, sleeping bags, technical clothing, and accessories are in the vanguard of the industry and have helped numerous outdoor athletes around the world succeed in their chosen endeavors. Every season we try to bring you products that help you maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors. We hope you will find something here that will allow you to get closer to the heart of nature. We think that's what it's all about.

Mountainsmith. Packs so comfortable, you'll never want to take them off. Of course it helps that we make them to fit your active lifestyle.
Making great gear is the major focus of what we do. You will quickly find out that there is quite a story about each and every product that we make. An enormous amount of thought goes into designing and making each product.There’s the research we do to make sure we know what you need in your outdoor gear, and the research we do to make sure our gear meets those needs. There’s the trail work we do to help insure that we all continue to have a place to go to enjoy the outdoors. We’re confident you will quickly recognize the extra measure of innovation and quality crafted into every MSR product.
Old Town offers you the world's largest selection of canoes and kayaks. Whether you paddle to enjoy nature or exercise, spend time with your family, go fishing, or simply to relax, we have the right model for your. Shaped by Water, Built by Hand.
In 1966, Margot Fraser began importing Birkenstock footwear from Germany in small amounts and thus Birkenstock USA was born. Today, Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc., has enjoyed enormous success and continues to grow with over 400 different styles of sandals and shoes.
With performance features, new technologies, and improved functionality, Teva® is the natural evolution in footwear for the outdoor athlete. Like a good pack, an open soul, and a healthy respect, some things belong outdoors.
For the past 17 years, THORLO, Inc. has dedicated itself to understanding and applying comfort, which has produced a significant body of information on COMFORT SCIENCE™ and its user benefit: Preventive Foot Health™
Lowe Alpine was born 30 years ago in the Colorado work shed of climber Greg Lowe. Though we've since expanded to become an international company, we retain Greg's vision and enthusiasm. Among our staff you'll find rock climbers and alpinists, mountain bikers and skiers, trail runners and canoeists.We choose to innovate rather than follow the crowd.
Liz and Royal Robbins are a remarkable couple who make remarkable clothing. They followed a trail that began in Yosemite as climbing pioneers, and led to the creation of an exceptional outdoor & travel clothing line.

At Gramicci comfort and function is always more important than any fad or gimmick. The blending of our cottons with synthetic fibers produces exclusive materials that are tougher than plain cotton, dry faster, feel great, and look natural. New technology has made garments too use-specific, but at Gramicci we work with a belief in "common sense technology". Our product line is not only the most comfortable, but truly cross functional as well. Our designs philosphy at Gramicci is "Freedom is what moves you".
Spirit - Breath - Vitality of the soul
Clothing Born From The Experience
Walden kayaks design uses every inch for good paddling performance. All major parts of Walden Kayaks are made from a large percentage of Recycled Plastic. Winner of the 1997 award for Outstanding Recycling Innovation by the National Recycling Coalition (NRC)
SMITH CENTER is founded on manufacturing balanced outerwear from fabrics such as Hemp, Hemp/Cotton, Organic Cotton, 100% Wool and Recycled fill. By merging real designs with the globe's most powerful and ancient fabrics, we have formed Outerwear That Endures.
Montrail is an impassioned group of outdoor fanatics pushing the envelope on fit and footwear technology for our favorite sports. Be it ultra-running, alpine climbing, backpacking, or adventure racing, we turn our indulgence in outdoors into new designs that improve the experience.