Live Stream Flow Data for Big Walnut Creek in Indiana

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03357500 Big Walnut Creek near Reelsville

A member of The Hoosier Canoe Club said that the current was swift at 190 CFS and he had to portage around 8 logs on a trip from Putnam Hendricks Co. Line to US 36.

We ran the river from Putnam Hendricks Co. Line to US 36 at around 800 cfs. The flow was very swift and there were no portages, strainers, or places our boats hit bottom. Hazards can appear at anytime so always scout hazards.

On 5-21-01 there was a report of the river running swiftly at 450 cfs. They reported many obstacles to manuver around. They had to portage around four log jams in the fourteen or so miles that they traveled.

It was reported that on 5-27-01, with the river at about 163 cfs, the current was pleasant. Between the green iron bridge and US 36, there was one shallow place canoes dragged, and one log jam about 1 mile downstream of the green iron bridge.

We need your help interpreting the stream flow data for other river users. When you take a river trip, note the stream flow during your trip and report it to us. Also let us know generally how your trip went. Did your boats scrape bottom much? Did you get stuck at any point? Was the river too fast for fun? Was it a pleasant float the whole way? Let us know at


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