Maps to West Fork White River

Below you see a clickable map showing the various Public Access Points (P.A.P.s)  The exact locations of the public access points were painstakingly recreated by cross-referencing the verbal description to the P.A.P. with the less than ideal map provided by Indiana D.N.R.  It is a vital map because it shows you the locations of any dams that may exist along the river.

Remember that these rivers are different than the commercially run rivers.  There isn't a crew to scout and remove any snags that may exist.  Be sure to scout any potential danger areas.  DO NOT TAKE CHANCES!  NEVER canoe any river at or above flood stage! 

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The West Fork of the White River is very large.  It spans from Muncie all the way to Mt. Carmel IL.  We broke it up into three manageable sections.  These are really great links to all the maps that you need to get canoeing.  Be sure to print these out and take them with you:

Upper section from Muncie to Noblesville
Middle Section from Noblesville to Bloomfield
Lower Section from Bloomfield to Hazleton

The maps on this site are best when used in conjunction with DeLorme's Indiana Atlas & Gazetteer, which offers topographic maps of the entire state. We always have one in our car.

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