Trip Report for Big Pine Creek

Big Pine Creek trip (submitted by mtob 4-22-00)
Hey there, just shot big pine creek on sat. 4-22-00. it was sweet. it was pretty low but definetely passable. ground the bottom here and there but never had to get out and push. rocky ford and the 'S' curve were fun. there are bigger rapids when there is a good rain. it was up on saturday from what it has been but is not like it was this time last year. we were out at big pine creek at the end of feb. and also mid april after some good rains last year and it was moving nice. the few sizable rapids were lots o fun. If there is any rain in may. a good 2 or 3 day rain. head out there and it is one of the best trips in indiana. no one seems to really know about it either. even if the water isn't up too much you can usually get through without too much trouble....shoot it by the end of may or so depending on the rain because you don't wan't to try it in the'll be pushing.. It is really sweet right now and hopefully we'll get a good rain or two in may. that'll be the best you'll get. even if the water isn't up too much, it is a very pretty trip. lots of cliffs, forest, wildlife, etc. From just below rainsville maybe a mile where we put in off the side of the road, to twin bridges took about 3.5 hours. last year at this time when the river was up and moving i think it took us about 2 or 2.5..anyway, is is a real sweet trip...try to go when if is raging..there are some class III's when it's up....

here is a pic from big pine creek taken last year begining of May. the water was up. It was perfect actually. I just came across this in my files. this is one of the two biggest rapids in big pine creek. It is a little beyond the half way point on the trip from rainsville to twin bridges. It is one of two chanels that go on either side of an island. this is the chanel to the right if you are heading downstream. it's a fun one. there is a good roller on the left side of the island too. its worth shooting both sides a couple of times. the roller on the left of the island is a decent surfing wavw when the water is up. the right side is a better drop though. this island is a good place to take a break..


There isn't a big danger factor on big pine unless the water is real high.  It really moves with high water.  there is potential for ugliness on the 'S' turn south of rainsville at real high water.  wierd hydraulics and stuff.  The 'S' turn can't be more than a couple of miles after the put in near rainsville.  It can be scouted from the road when driving to the put in.  The other big rapid downriver can be scouted by stopping at the island. here are those pics from our trip down big pine creek on 4-22.  You can post them if you want. 

coming into the 's' turn a couple miles south of rainsville just after the rock ledges of rocky ford.


makin' it happen.


this is one of the two bigger rapids found in big pine creek.  it is right in the 's' turn. it can be scouted from the road when driving to the put in site. 


this is a picture of the same rapid looking downstream.  it is a good surfer when the water is up a bit more.  we managed to get sufing in it for a while in a two-man canoe at this level.


this is the other of the two notable rapids in big pine creek.  it is kind of a tricky approach and is a good one to watch people dump on if anyone is out there.  you usually have the river to yourself though.


this is the same rapid..we're nosin up into it.
talk to you later.   mike